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Please note: Minimum shipping charge is $15.00, after your order is placed you will be billed shipping charges once we confirm with you the desired method of shipping. Purchases made locally can be arranged to be picked up, eliminating the shipping fees!


Champagne Glasses

These champagne glasses are hand painted with a tuplip design and green leaves. Beautifully artistic, colors are translucent in nature. The glasses are sturdy to feel and stems and base are light blue in color.

These beautiful glasses will increase the joy of any and all of your celebrations. They should be stored in a place of prominet display, your friends will be amazed at your good taste!

Liz has put a clear coat of protectant over all painting and the glasses are heat treated for duarability. However, please take care, we would recommend you hand wash these beautiful pieces.

Your purchase can be for one glass up to ten and the price is $15.00 per glass. Plus shipping and handling charges.**

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art glass, hand painted champagne glasses
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Christmas Wine Glasses
Serving Plate

I hate to brag, but my wife is a talented artist. Liz has outdone herself on these wine glasses. Beautiful ribbon, holly and berries adorne these wine glasses. Perfect for an intimate get together or while with a few friends. Make sure you get enough so everyone will have the pleasure of drinking from these gorgeous vessels.

The wine glasses are $15.00 each plus shipping.

The plate is a 13" serving platter, very substantial and is $25.00 plus shipping**

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Christmas wine glasses by Liz Parat with glass art
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Holly Painted Hurricane Lamp

Click here to see the detail on the chimney. This is typical of the detail you can expect when you buy Liz's work! Each piece is different and hand painted by Liz. Each piece is a work of Art! All works are signed by the Artist.

This Hurricane Lamp is 12" tall. Fully functional, however, you might want to keep this as a decorative piece, since operation will cause darkening of the chimney!

Each lamp is $35.00 plus a shipping charge. As you place your order, please specify your desired method of shipping. We will email you with the additional shipping charge.**

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art on glass, hand painted christmas hurricane lamp
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Christmas Wine Glass, Platter & Serving Dish Package

Special PackagePricing

(4)Holly wine glasses
(1) 13" Serving Platter
(2) 8" Dessert Plates
(2) Gold Christmas Ornaments

Special package price of $90.00 plus $15.00 for shipping and handling*. Total package price is $105.00

Shipping and handling will be added.*



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hand painted wine glasses, serving platter package, art glass
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Click on image to see 2 styles

Liz doesn't save her talent just for the big stuff. Nope, she loves to detail things like ornaments. Each one is unique and you're sure to love them all.

Why not order a couple of each. You'll see 3 payment buttons below for the following ornaments.

#1 (blue) white tree (as you see to the right) $8.00

#2 (blue) Do You See What I See, white snowman looking up as the Angels announce the Birth of Jesus on a blue ornament $8.00 (not pictured)

#3 (gold) ornament with holly and ribbons as seen in the enlarged view if you click on the ornament to the left.$8.00

Shipping and handling will be added*

Ornament #1
Ornament #2
Ornament #3
hand painted christmas ornaments
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Hand Painted Candy Jars

These are just simply Cute! A Wintery scene painted on Glass Candy Jars, include snowman face with scarf.

Click Here for a nice Close Up View

Liz really puts her heart into each project. If you can't tell she really has fun. Why don't you click on the order button and get these things out of the house before they get filled with candy and I eat it all!

If you haven't figured it out yet, Scott, Liz's husband has been putting these ads together and the ad copy. So please, don't blame my poor wife for my sense of humor!

These Candy Jars cost $12.00 Each, plus shipping. *

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glass art, hand painted candy jars

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Ornament Glasses

These are small juice or milk glasses for the kids. They just love them. Can't you just imagine being 8 years old, Christmas is in the Air, you know that Santa is going to be coming.

If I were 8 again, I'd want to take this glass to bed with me. The kids will be psyched when they drink from these. It reminds me when my oldest son was 5, he was so excited about Santa coming he wouldn't sleep. We had to have Christmas a little early, just for Justin.

A set of 2 includes one glass with Evergreens and one glass without Evergreens and will cost $12.00 plus shipping. *

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ornament glasses, art glass

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Snowman Glasses & Serving Bowl

Keep the Spirit of the Season with this serving bowl and glass set. Fill the bowl with popcorn, sit down with the kids or friends and enjoy a refreshing drink with your new snowman glasses.

Large serving bowl with 4 large Snowman Drinking Glasses comes as a set, however, we'll split up the glasses and bowl if you'd like. But why would you want to seperate these companions?

The glasses are $8.00 each plus shipping and the Bowl is $20.00 plus shipping.*

Snowman Drinking Glasses
Large Snowman Serving Bowl
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snowman serving bow, from the snowman collection

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Small Snowman Milk Glasses

The large glass in the picture is a drinking glass, the smaller glasses are small juice or milk glasses.

Sold in pairs, these glasses make a great decoration or fun for young children. Snowman and wintery scenes are perfect for the Christsmas season and winter months.

All painting on the glass is covered with a protective clear coat and heat treated for longevity.

Get a couple sets for Christmas gifts. A set of 2 glasses is $14.00 plus shipping. *

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small snowman painted glasses, glass art
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Shipping & Handling

*We want to make your buying experience as exciting and comfortable as possible! We also want to make it as affordable as possible for you.

Because we are shipping glass items and each order is so very different, it is beneficial to you, the customer, if you place your order and then we determine what the shipping costs will be.

When you place your order, we will receive an email notifiying us of payment. We will then work on putting your order together and we will contact you be email or phone to determine your desired method and timing of shipment.

It may involve a little more work to do it this way, however, considering what we are shipping it doesn't bother us to do it this way. Please be aware that the minimum shipping charges will be $15.00. Each shipment is double boxed, filled with a cushioning material and fully guaranteed by the shipping carrier. For questions, Click Here to send an email.

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