About the Artist

Elizabeth Ann Parat was born in Mchenry sometime in the 20th century. Born into a family of 2 sisters and 2 brothers, Liz's family has recognized and encouraged her in developing her artistic abilities.

Liz's creations reflect the beauty she see's in nature. Her appreciation for that beauty reflects her commitment to the belief that Jesus Christ is God and Saviour of the world.

I wish you really understood and knew the excitement and dedication that goes into each piece that Liz creates. It doesn't matter if its a fun little "light bulb" man, rooster painting or a "wall painting", her love and care is poured into each piece.

Liz specializes in painting on glass known as glass art or art glass.

graphics and designs by Scott Parat
Liz lives with her husband and 3 teenage sons in a small home along a river, backing up to a forest preserve. The perfect place to observe nature at its best!

The Artist's Husband

I finally get a chance to paint! Truth be known, Scott, can't draw stick men, but I can move pixels around. I like this electronic water color because of the enormous quantity of colors. I didn't add the colors, they were just there when I converted the orginal picture. It's a testament to Liz's world, filled with exciting, blazing color. She does that to anyone she touches!

I've had the pleasure of being married to this wonderful woman for over 20 years. In my eyes there is no woman in the world who is more beautiful or wonderful than she is. My wife, best friend, partner, and mother of my children.

Our world had been filled with trials and tribulations known only be a dead friend. Our mutual faith in God, and that Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords has cemented a realationship that only few can every know. Our prayer for you would be that "God would bless you by opening your eyes of Faith"

I "Thank God" for an undescribable gift. I love you more than you'll ever know!

Your adoring and faithful husband,


Elizabeth Parat painted by Scott Parat


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